Devil’s Helmet

Devil’s Helmet -‘The Island Connection 5’

Devil's HelmetA disgruntled army Colonel threatens the island with the most toxic chemical agent ever synthesized. But worse is yet to come as an even more dangerous threat becomes apparent. The Devil’s Helmet is the code name for a toxin that is so lethal it could wipe out the whole population of the Isle of Man. And the man who is going to release it is never what he seems. Meanwhile Rolien is trying to find Hjalmar. But she’s not the only one as Hjalmar’s past threatens to catch up with him.

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One hundred and thirty-seven pairs of eyes stared at the man’s face and one hundred and thirty-seven pairs of ears listened to every word he said. The man on the screen spoke precisely and clearly, just as you’d expect from a Lieutenant Colonel who had recently retired from 22 Special Air Service Regiment. His face showed no emotion, but his words cut through the one hundred and thirty-seven selected viewers like a laser beam cuts through a scrap of paper.

“… your people will confirm that VX is the most toxic nerve agent ever synthesized. The median lethal dose for humans is estimated to be about 10 milligrams through skin contact or 30-50 milligrams per cubic metre inhaled. No matter which method of contact, the end result for the victims is always the same; sustained paralysis of the diaphragm muscle causing death by asphyxiation. It’s an unpleasant death.

Delivery to our chosen targets will be by M55 rockets launched locally. Both propellant and warhead have been replenished . The fuses are primed, the nerve agent is loaded, and we can strike without warning.

Each warhead is armed with four-and-a-half kilos of VX agent. You only need a simple calculator to work out that four-and-a-half kilos represents four and a half million lethal doses, and we shall be firing eight rockets. The threat is real, ladies and gentlemen, and I strongly suggest that you abide to every condition we have laid down in this presentation.

And finally, in case you are curious why we have targeted the Isle of Man, it’s because it is insular and we shall be watching the ports and airport to ensure that you do not try to bring special forces personnel across to counter our threat. If we suspect that is happening, we shall trigger the devices and simply disappear. Likewise, if we feel threatened in any way, we shall offload the toxins and melt away into the night. You have precisely one week. The clock is ticking.”

As the screen went blank, Detective Sergeant Sarah Flemons nudged her life partner, Sparky, and said, “Whaddya reckon? Fact or bluff?”

4 star revieweverything you need to make a good book is there
By mousyb on 20 Oct. 2016
I read Devil’s Helmet in one sitting because the storyline hooked me immediately.
Plot, sub-plots, action, red herrings, personal relationships: everything you need to make a good book is there.


5 star reviewI have just started the Devil’s helmet. The first …
ByOscar – Minnesotaon May 28, 2017
I have just started the Devil’s helmet. The first chapter is hugely impressive. The context of this comment is that I’ve just finished a Tom Clancy book that a guy on an airplane had given me after having just finished it. So I read it over the duration of that business trip and found the style of that particular Clancy book was very similar to an earlier Hamer booked called Under the Rock. If I’d been told Hamer had written the Clancy book I would have believed it. I mention the Clancy book because the style/quality of the Devil’s Helmet is a couple of notches higher and if it continues in the same vein I’ll be recommending it to fellow passengers on my next flight!


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