An Odd Revenge

An Odd Revenge

An Odd RevengePeople are disappearing. Important people. People with momentous, far-reaching secrets to hide. And, in ‘An Odd Revenge’, Oddball’s team are tasked with getting to the bottom of it – quick, before it escalates. Meanwhile, ordinary folk are being robbed of tens of thousands of pounds in a scam of epic proportions. The team are hard pushed to find solutions to either problem. It becomes even more urgent when Yulia Volkov, Oddball’s secret lover and illegitimate daughter of the Russian president, is abducted. Now, Russia is involved, and they’re far from happy.

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As Oddball spoke, a pulse of light spiked in his brain. He instinctively looked up, past Saxon, towards the three desks housing the laptops and computer consoles.

“What’s going on?” Saxon whispered.

Oddball held up a hand. “Shh.”

“But I—”

“Shh,” Oddball silenced her again.

Saxon could feel her heart behind her eardrums and a throbbing pulse in her neck. She needed something to grab. Anything to make her feel less vulnerable. There was a tiny, electric buzzing sound across the open space in front of her. Then a bright white light lit the screen of one of the laptops.

“What is―?” Saxon didn’t finish, and Oddball couldn’t answer. From the location of the buzzing, a sphere of light, the size of a melon, rolled out towards them. Saxon smelt ozone. It was like someone had used a blowtorch to cut through steel. The light ball stilled, then opened like a flower. Something in the centre flashed like sunlight reflecting on a mirror. Then a bright, cone-shaped radiance bloomed outward.

“What the fuck,” Saxon muttered as, little by little, a hologram formed. Oddball didn’t need Saxon to tell him who’d sent it. The near life-size face looking across the room at the two of them was their close friend and missing workmate.

“Harry?” Saxon asked.

“Saxon,” the hologram replied. “It’s so nice to see you again. I was getting bored on my own.”


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