The “French Collection” series takes people who live and work (or otherwise) in France and puts them in situations where readers can get a flavour of the French way of life. The common thread is always the people, their characters, their hopes, their fears, their actions, good and bad.

Why France? I guess mostly because it’s my home for six months of the year so it’s simple to do any research I may need. Also, it’s an ideal setting for many situations because it is seen as ‘exotic’ by many English language raders. In fact, it’s not, it’s just living life under a different political regime, and a different language, and with a different culture, and… er… yeah, okay, it’s ‘exotic’! I’m lucky in being close to Paris since there are many, many opportunities to research locations and customs that I can make use of in my stories.

One of my Island Connection books is entitled “The Vicar’s Lot” and this too is set in France. However, it belongs to The Manx Connection series since it ‘s characters all come from that set of books.

While there is a common thread that passes through each book, you can read them as stand-alone books without losing any of the sense of direction. You can get more details using the menu at the side.