The Oddball Odyssey follows the exploits of Oddball, a shadowy character who first appeared in Under the Rock. Oddball reappears in The Devil’s Helmet and Flint in the Island Connection series. In The French Collection Oddball helps save the day in Cenotaph for the Living so it was only right that he should be granted his own series of books. You’ll soon get to know him as you follow his story.


Graham Hamer's Books - A Little Bit Odd in the Oddball Odyssey seriesA Little Bit Odd brings back one of the characters who we’ve seen in previous books, both in The Island Connection and The French Collection. Oddball is an enigmatic figure who works for a top secret agency, N2K. Everything he is tasked to do is totally deniable. If ever he was caught doing what he did, he would be completely on his own. And that’s the way Oddball likes it. His team, Aequum, operate under the same free license. The elite of the elite. But now Oddball has a personal reason to intervene. The agent who was just buried alive was his lover. Oddball intends to find those responsible and give them a good talking to. A Little Bit Odd is a story of murder, of grand scale theft, of personal relationships, and of the country’s most sensitive secrets


Graham Hamer's Books - Odd Gets Even in the Oddball Odyssey seriesOdd Gets Even Someone is murdering Oddball’s former regimental buddies and it seems like the whole platoon has been targeted. Oddball teams up again with what remains of the platoon. They need to find the culprits and have a quiet word in their ears. They also need to find out who’s bankrolling the killers. However, one of the thugs makes himself known when he targets the wife of one of the old team. But he underestimated her reaction.

Oddball enlists master hacker Harry Lewis – real name Harriet – who has the social skills of an angry porcupine but is as sharp as a winter’s morning when it comes to breaking through firewalls and uncovering secrets. Harry’s personal space is normally defended with alarms, barbed wire and motion sensors. But she drops her guard when she meets Danny Nightly, a Special Forces veteran who was sacrificed as a political pawn.

Meanwhile, twelve-year-old Mara Starling is not about to accept that she’s been kidnapped. You don’t kidnap Mara and get away with it. But she doesn’t realise that, when she escapes, the danger is only going to get worse.


Graham Hamer's Books - A Little Bit Odder in the Oddball Odyssey seriesIn A Little Bit Odder, pools of human blood are appearing, but there are no matching bodies to go with them. Oddball and the team are tasked with finding out what’s going on. But before being sent out on their mission, they are told something about themselves that they find difficult to believe. Their investigation takes them to the Norfolk Broads where Oddball and Sandi discover that their feelings for each other are growing.

In a story of mayhem and murder, typical of the Oddball Odyssey, the incredible becomes the norm as the characters are drawn into a hunt that can only end one way. Or is there an alternative ending that could never have been foreseen?


Graham Hamer's Books - Odder StillIn Odder Still Someone is manipulating the actions of one of Oddball’s team and Crocker, Oddball’s quirky boss, tasks him with finding out what the hell is going on. But things straight away become complicated when the disfigured body of a senior government minister is found face-down in the River Thames near Windsor Castle. No sooner do they start looking into it when the mutilated body of a high-flying lawyer turns up in the same spot. With no clues to work with, the team are up against it.


Graham Hamer's Books - An Odd RevengeAn Odd Revenge People are disappearing. Important people. People with momentous, far-reaching secrets to hide. And Oddball’s team are tasked with getting to the bottom of it – quick, before it escalates. Meanwhile, ordinary folk are being robbed of tens of thousands of pounds in a scam of epic proportions. The team are hard pushed to find solutions to either problem. It becomes even more urgent when Yulia Volkov, Oddball’s secret lover and illegitimate daughter of the Russian president, is abducted. Now, Russia is involved, and they’re far from happy.


Graham Hamer's Books - Defying the OddsIn Defying the Odds Oddball receives an envelope containing a USB key and a brief note addressed to ‘David’ and signed ‘Uncle Stan’. Few people know Oddball’s real name but, more to the point, he knows nobody called Uncle Stan. It will be a few days before he discovers that he does, indeed, have a relative of that name. Unfortunately, Stan has already fallen foul of the London mob and the contents of the USB key don’t make any sense. Now, it’s up to Oddball to try and make sense of everything.

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