The “Island Connection” series takes people who live and work (or otherwise) on the Isle of Man and puts them in situations where their stories cross. Mostly the setting is the Isle of Man itself (a little independent Crown Dependency in the middle of the Irish Sea), sometimes it is elsewhere; but the common thread is always the people, their characters, their hopes, their fears, their actions, good and bad.

Why the Isle of Man? I guess it’s because it’s my home for six months of the year so it’s simple to do any research I may need. Also, it’s an ideal setting for many situations because it’s a microcosm of mainland UK but everything is close at hand, so characters can do lots of stuff in very different surroundings with no need to travel large distances. So far, I’ve only fully exploited a few of the fabulous Manx locations so there are lots more that I can, and will, use in future stories.

While there is a common thread that passes through each book, you can read them as stand-alone books without losing any of the sense of direction. You can get more details using the menu on the right. Meanwhile, if you’ve not yet worked out where the Isle of Man is located, the map below may help!

Isle of Man location