Book Cover Choices

A Book Cover can make all the difference. They say a picture paints a thousand words. Well it’s certainly true that, in book publishing, your cover will immediately help your target audience to delve further and make a buying decision.

I am very, very lucky to have a friend called Bruno Cavallec. He’s French (from Brittany) and is a self-taught artist and illustrator. Bruno is unique in that he moves freely from one medium to another to create a wide range of images. Atmosphere, mood and colour are his key ingredients in oil paintings. However, his interest in black and white book illustrations led him to take up printmaking, focusing mainly on the techniques of drypoint and linocut. A few years later, he was finally ready to delve into the fascinating and limitless world of illustration.

A Book Cover can create an identity

For my own books, he chose (with my full agreement) to use his skills in Photoshop to create covers that simply ‘suggest’ what is inside the book.

Chasing Paper book cover

Walking on Water book cover

Under the Rock book cover

Out of The Window book cover

On whom the axe falls book cover

China in her hand book cover

Devil's Helmet book cover

As you can see, they are not only eye-catching, but also create an ‘identity’ for The Manx Connection series. So the next time you are browsing online or in a bookstore, see how the cover of the book draws you in to take a closer look. And don’t forget that the spine of the book is just as important. On a bookshelf, your spines will separate you from all other authors.

Cover Choices - Book Spines

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